ALARM-i™ Video Surveillance System Features


ALARM-i™ is a Video Alarm Verification System that combines the most current visual security technology using state of the art video surveillance systems and 24/7/365 professional ULC monitoring.

Now you can get the most of out of your home security system and business security system. By providing law enforcement authorities, Real-Time visual verification of an alarm situation with pertinent information, Police can respond quicker, achieve high arrest rates resulting in less theft and less property damage. ALARM-i also provides the Police, legal system and the insurance industry with valuable video evidence and confirmation.



  • Real-Time – 24/7/365 Video Alarm Verification -Your home, Your Family Your Business, always protected
  • Priority Police Response – Video Verification allows for Police dispatch to an alarm event
  • Verification Required – In many jurisdictions across Southern Ontario including Toronto, alarm verification is required by police to respond to an alarm due to overwhelming numbers of false alarms and a need to prioritize law enforcement resources. Verifications methods may include, Video device, Audio device, Video, Eyewitness (private security or person at the scene), and or Multiple zone activations;
    • 85% Quicker Arrival of Authorities Source
    • Over 50% Arrest Rate for Video Verified Alarms* – vs less than 1 % for traditional alarm systems -source
    • 7 Day Stored Video Evidence – recorded professional security cameras, available for playback and long-term storage
  • Convenience – Because this service is set-up to record video specifically in the area where an alarm has been triggered or an incident occurred, video verification can save you time weeding through hours of footage and syncing information from the home alarm system or commercial alarm system.
  • Customer Video Alarm Notification – receive the alarm event video clips on your cell phone – allows you to control Police dispatch request in the palm of your hand
  • Remote Arming/Disarming – turn your alarm system on or off from practically anywhere Remote Real-Time Viewing
  • Privacy Guarantee – only you can log into your cameras, it is impossible for your monitoring station to do so. Station Does Not Have Remote Viewing Capability. Video clips are sent to the station ONLY in the event of an alarm event
  • Video Clips Sent To The Station Only Upon Alarm Activation
  • ULC Listed Monitoring Stations – 5 Canadian ULC Monitoring Stations
  • IP and GSM Monitoring – Redundant alarm transmission pathways
  • Reduced False Alarms and costly Fines – ALARM-i Video Verication decreases costly false alarms
  • Greater Police Dispatch Efficiency – Maximize Police resources for real emergency alarm events
  • Increased Officer Safety – Authorities know what the situation is onsite before they arrive
  • Decrease in Property Loss, Less Insurance Losses, Lower Insurance Premiums