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Offering one of the best alarm systems on the market, ALARM-i is proud to provide residential and commercial security solutions to the residents of Thornhill. Find out how you can reduce your false alarms and increase security with video alarm verification from ALARM-i.

Thornhill is a suburban neighborhood that was once a village located on the northern border of Toronto and is now split between two local municipalities, Vaughan on the west and Markham on the east.

With an ethnically diverse population, many types of people call this region home and the area is known for having large Italian, Chinese, Persian, Korean, and Jewish communities. As a popular destination for immigrants from these areas, Thornhill has developed several pockets and communities developed around cultural similarities. Due to its proximity to Toronto and the rising cost of land within the city borders, Thornhill has seen a large growth in its population.

The city became a Police Village in 1931 and remained stayed as an unincorporated village until the formation of the York Region in 1971 during a large restructuring of municipal townships. Since then, Thornhill has continued to grow on both sides of the border between Vaughan and Markham.

ALARM-i is offering one of the best security alarm systems to the residents of Thornhill. With an 80% faster police response rate and a 50% arrest rate compared to 0.08% for traditional “blind” alarms, the ALARM-i systems is clearly the superior choice to a traditional alarm system. Reducing false alarms while increasing security is the main goal of ALARM-i and no system does it better than a video alarm verified system from ALARM-i, a top alarm company. Contact ALARM-i today for a quote.

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