ALARM-i Alarm Security Systems in Old Toronto

ALARM-i is pleased to offer our video alarm verification security systems to the residents of Old Toronto. The ALARM-i security solution is one of the top choices for security systems on the market today due to the 80% faster police response rate and a 50% arrest rate compared to 0.08% for traditional “blind” alarms. A great choice for all residential and commercial purposes, ALARM-i is proud to suit all of your security needs.

Old Toronto was once the original city limits of the current city of Toronto. Old Toronto is also home to the main areas of downtown Toronto and administrative areas. If it was still a separate city, it would rank as the densest city in Canada and the third-densest in all of North America.

In 1998, Old Toronto was combined with York, East York, Scarborough and Etobicoke to make the city of present-day Toronto and in 2011, the area had a population of 736,775 which is about 15% of the total population of the modern-day city of Toronto. Many current government buildings are situated in Old Toronto such as city hall which sits right next to the old city hall used until 1965.

Contact ALARM-i today to see how you can reduce false alarm fees and increase security with one of the top alarm companies in Canada! For all your home security and business security needs, you need to check out ALARM-i and one of the more effective security systems. With an 80% faster police response rate and a 50% arrest rate compared to 0.08% for traditional “blind” alarms, ask our experts how we can make your home or business safer.

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