ALARM-i Video Alarm Systems in Etobicoke

ALARM-i is proud to offer video alarm verification from one of the top alarm companies to the residents of Etobicoke. For all your residential or commercial security needs, ask how we can install a more effective alarm system with an 80% faster police response rate and a 50% arrest rate compared to 0.08% for traditional “blind” alarms.

Etobicoke was first settled by Europeans in the late 18th century in the area that was first populated by the First Nations. By the 20th century, it had grown to full city status through amalgamation with several surrounding villages and towns. Etobicoke is now home to a diverse population of over 347,000 residents including a large number of new immigrants from around the globe.

Since Etobicoke is still primarily suburban, it has allowed the city to maintain a much lower population density than Toronto proper with larger and quieter main streets. The main reason for the low population density in the region is the large stretches of industrial land along the various expressways in the region.

Business owners and homeowners alike should consider the safety and security of their buildings in this growing city. Contact ALARM-i today to see how you can reduce false alarm fees and increase security with one of the top alarm companies in Canada! For all your home security and business security needs, you need to check out ALARM-i and one of the more effective security systems. With an 80% faster police response rate and a 50% arrest rate compared to 0.08% for traditional “blind” alarms, ask our experts how we can make your home or business safer.

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