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Offering one of the best alarm systems on the market, ALARM-i is proud to provide residential and commercial security solutions to the residents of Concord. Find out how you can reduce your false alarms and increase security with video alarm verification from ALARM-i.

Concord is located north of Toronto, this suburban and industrial neighborhood is situated within the boundaries of the City of Vaughan. Home to over 8000 residents, Concord started as a small agricultural community until the 70’s when the industrialization of the northern parts of the GTA began. Since then, Concord has grown significantly to become the second-largest industrial hub in the region in terms of both size and capacity, behind Mississauga.

Part of the reason for the recent expansion of the Concord area is the opening of the famous local amusement park, Canada’s Wonderland. This did and does a lot to improve the infrastructure of the area, adding highway interchanges and improving transit. Now, many multi-national corporations have their domestic or local headquarters within Concord.

Much of the southern part of Concord remains empty with large industrial spaces while mixed forests dominate to the north along the Black Creek and Don River.

As an environmentally diverse neighborhood, Concord remains small has lots of potential for rapid growth.

Contact ALARM-i today to see how you can reduce false alarm fees and increase security with one of the top alarm companies in Canada! For all your home security and business security needs, you need to check out ALARM-i and one of the more effective security systems. With an 80% faster police response rate and a 50% arrest rate compared to 0.08% for traditional “blind” alarms, ask our experts how we can make your home or business safer.

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