ALARM-i Video Verified Alarm Systems in Ajax

ALARM-i is pleased to offer our video alarm verification security systems to the residents of Ajax. The ALARM-i security solution is one of the top choices for security systems on the market today due to the 80% faster police response rate and a 50% arrest rate compared to 0.08% for traditional “blind” alarms. A great choice for all residential and commercial purposes, ALARM-i is proud to suit all of your security needs.

The town of Ajax is located in the Durham Region of Southern Ontario along the shore of Lake Ontario and shares borders with Pickering and Whitby.

Ajax has a growth rate nearly four times that of Canada as a whole with a population of 109,220, Ajax has experienced significant expansion in recent years. Ajax is still dominated by single-family homes but increasing immigration and multiculturalism have spurred development in the northern sectors, maintaining its suburban, low-density charms.

This one rural township got its name from the HMS Ajax, a World War II cruiser that was part of a flotilla of British ships which scored the first real British naval battle of the war.

Established in 1941, the town was born around a Defence Industries Limited shell plant which employed over 9000 people by 1945. Over its years in operation, over 40 million shells were filled in that facility alone.

Much of it remains suburban despite the rapid growth of the area and many residents commute to Toronto or other surrounding municipalities for work. With a high rate of population growth, security and safety are becoming increasingly high concerns, but residents of Ajax have options that can put them at ease.

ALARM-i is offering one of the best security alarm systems to the residents of Ajax. With an 80% faster police response rate and a 50% arrest rate compared to 0.08% for traditional “blind” alarms, the ALARM-i systems is clearly the superior choice to a traditional alarm system. Reducing false alarms while increasing security is the main goal of ALARM-i and no system does it better than a video alarm verified system from ALARM-i, a top alarm company. Contact ALARM-i today for a quote.

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