Protect Your Home From Flooding

How to defend against flooding in your home or business

Once again, it’s spring in Canada, and the news is filled with images and stories of flooded homes, basements and businesses. The images are daunting and heartbreaking. In extreme cases, there is not much preparation that can be done, besides moving to higher ground. However, in many less severe circumstances, there are things that can be done for early detection and prevention. Here are some tips that can help!


Assess your landscaping around your building. Overtime for many reasons, such as amateur landscapers, the grading that should move water away from the building’s foundation can be changed by the addition of flower beds etc. Spring is an excellent time to ensure that proper grading allows gravity to take the water away from your building is intact. Make sure flower beds etc. don’t block the flow of water away from your building.


Your structure should also have well maintained and adequately installed troughs along your eaves and downspouts that direct water at least 6 feet away from your foundation. In older homes, some downspouts were connected to the weeping tiles, or home drains, these should be disconnected and capped. It can overwhelm the drains, and the water will back up into your basement. It also adds stress to the city sewers.