How ALARM-i™ Works

Alarm Event

Alarm Event

  • When your security system goes into alarm, video clips from the alarm event is sent offsite to the cloud.
  • The monitoring station immediately receives the alarm signal without delay.

Your Experience


  • You Receive a text or email.
  • See video clips of what caused the alarm.
  • Direct the monitoring station whether to dispatch authorities or not.
  • With Privacy Guarantee, only you can look into your home or business 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. The monitoring station can only receive the video/clips upon alarm activation. They have no way to the monitoring station initiate visual verification or look-in.
User Experience
Alarm Monitoring Station

The Monitoring Station

  • Operator receives video of the alarm event.
  • Operator sees views/clips from cameras on site.
  • Operator acts upon the information.
  • Your premise is contacted.
  • This can reduce false alarms and in the event an emergency situation is confirmed, Priority Police Dispatch is requested.


  • Video Alarm Verification.
  • Priority Police Dispatch.
  • No costly False alarm fines.
  • Average Police Response 85% Faster.
  • 50% Arrest Rate (
  • Less Theft.
  • Lower rates of Property Damage.
  • Video Evidence for insurance and legal purposes.
  • More efficient use of valuable Police Resources
  • May help identify perpetrators and aid in the apprehension, prosecution and recovery of stolen valuables
Alarm Monitoring Results

Who can benefit from ALARM-i's services?

ALARM-i works for residential and commercial applications. Whether at home or at work, Video Alarm Verification can potentially increase your level of safety and protection.

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