What happens when a burglar breaks into your home or business and destroys your alarm panel?

Simply put, the panel is the “brains” of the system. When the alarm panel is damaged before the entry and communications delay times expire, no alarm signals can be transmitted to the station and the authorities cannot be notified. The burglars then have the run of your property.

This is a huge security flaw in the typical alarm system design.

Advanced Protection Logic Technology

Advanced Protection Logic™ technology, more commonly known as APL provides the answer. When you initially open your door or when a burglar breaks in thorough a protected area, a signal is sent to monitoring station. Either an alarm or a successful disarm will follow. If neither is received by the time the entry delay is has lapsed, a silent alarm is sent to the monitoring station and the authorities are dispatched.

EVERY ALARM-i System comes with Advanced Protection Logic at no additional charge.

Make sure you are protected properly.